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Graduate of Kutztown University with a Fine Arts Degree

I have always been a very patient and calm minded person, which I believe has helped me to become a very detail oriented artist. Inspirtation for my art work often comes from natural environmental colors and textural forms. Hours are spent sketching, planning, and envisioning what will be involved in my current collection of art. Usually my ideas are challenging and tedious. I have always been drawn to the beauty of glass, and I enjoy exploring all of the ways I can intigrate it into my work. 



When I design jewelry, I keep my work tight and clean. I utilize a variety of glass pieces that I have created. This gives me access to the exact color and shape of glass I need for my design. My hope is that people will enjoy looking and wearing my art as much as I love making it.

All of these beautiful designs are made here in Charleston, South Carolina.

Alexandra Morgan


Video By: Alexandra Morgan Designs 

Making individual pieces of jewelry can be a very complex process. There are so many individual steps that need to be taken to achive the most desired look in your design. The planning process alone takes a considerable amount of time. Sometimes a design comes right to your mind and you're able to sketch it out and turn it into the real thing very quickly. Other times there is a lot of thought that goes into it. 

After the design is planned and I know where I want to go with it, the next step is cutting down sheets of glass into smaller pieces so they can then be the size and shape I need them to be. Once all of the glass pieces are cut they are sanded down and then put into the kiln for around ten hours. 

Now that I have my glass pieces I can then move on to the bench where the rest unfolds. This part includes soldering, sawing out pieces of metal, filing them down so they are smooth, and polishing. There are many processes that can be used to accomplish the final look of the design. 

Creating jewerly is an exciting process because there are so many different things you can do and so many outcomes that can happen with each piece. No piece will ever be the exact same and that is what makes handmade jewelry so beautiful. 



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