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This deep purple colored glass ring will be the perfect addition to your jewelry collection. It is unique glass. In the sun, you will be able to see the variations of purple. This ring was made with sterling silver and glass that has been hand cut and fired in a kiln. This process creates a perfect, vibrant and smooth look. Each piece is entirely handmade, so no two pieces will ever be the exact same! The bezel and glass are attached to a light and comfortable double wire, textured band allowing the ring to sit nicely on the finger and to be very comfortable and lightweight. With the added touch of a textured band, it has just the right amount of style for your collection!

Deep Purple Ring - with Decorative Band - Size 6.5

  • -This ring was made with sterling silver.

    -This ring is a size 6.5.

    -Avoid wearing this ring in the shower, washing your hands or near water. 

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